Computerspiele - Action Beyond the Screen

In this course, we discuss and test new concepts in interaction that reach beyond the common uses of the monitor, keyboard, and joystick. Initial inspirations come from the Sony Eye Toy, the Pain Station, and the Boxsack (punching bag) of the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in Cologne.
The challenge is to develop and discuss our ideas in small groups, to program software, and to build input and output devices. We strive to conceive and realize the game and the interface in tandem so that these elements function with each other as a whole. A series of presentations allow opportunities for feedback in joint discussions.

Bike Tron Bike Tron Bike Tron Punching Ball Flipper
Desert Death Rally Jason the Jetmedic Kart Race

Martin Faust, Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath. Computer Games - Action Beyond the Screen, Course, University of Bremen, Winter Semester 2004/5.