Spiele im CAVE (Games for CAVEs)

In this course, we look for games that are especially appropriate to be played in CAVEs. We assume that the CAVE environment is more than just a big monitor and seek new game concepts for this interface.
So that we can experiment with complete games and learn about high level game design, we go beyond mere technical demos and mod Doom 3 without focusing on 3D graphics programming, 3D design, AI, or network programming.

CAVE Kart Downhill Final Presentation
Traxx Mückenjagd Kugellabyrinth

Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, Martin Faust, Bernard Robben. Spiele im CAVE (Games for CAVEs), Course, University of Bremen, Winter Semester 2005/6.

Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath. Spiele im CAVE (Games for CAVEs). Lecture as part of the series Computerspiele-Entwicklung in Bremen (Computer Game Development in Bremen), Municipal Library of Bremen, May 22, 2006.