Digital Beach

A computer sits on old, weather-beaten planks that appear to be collected from the beach. It is fully functional with keyboard, mouse (or trackball) and network connection, and runs a freshly installed operating system. Visitors have as users total control over the computer which also has no firewall or anti-virus software - it is as accessible as possible.
As a digital beach along the deep waters of cyberspace, it attracts the outcasts of the brave new electronic world, and collects the free-floating debris of the networked seven seas. Visitors witness the accumulation and interplay of the stranded remains of outright criminal activity, mischief, commercial endeavours, well-intended activism and government intrusion. The computer is an instance of a (technical) system which is shutting itself down, if it was not for the constant, decisive and competent intervention of the user. Visitors can observe the ease and speed of and/or participate in the process, increase or decrease the rate of inevitable digital decay.

News item: Oliver Stilling. Mellem Gud og faglighed. Politiken, Oct 17, 2014.

Digital Beach Digital Beach
DIAS, Copenhagen, Sep 25-Oct 26, 2014

Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath. Digital Beach. Installation. Digital Interactive Art Space (DIAS). Copenhagen, Sep 25-Oct 26, 2014.