Experimente in be-greifbarem Sound (Experiments in Tangible Sound)

Three experiments that connect tangible interfaces with sound are described: The Danceable Keyboard, Riff Meister and Shamba 2.0. It is discussed how new sounds can be created by the participants and how the computer can react to them. We are looking for sensual access with graspable interfaces and immediate feedback. New kinds of performance and participation challenge traditional roles of performers and audience, by incoparating body, movement, space and sound in different ways. Sounds become tangible.

Danceable Keyboard (photo: ?) Riff Meister Shamba 2.0
Installations at Wall-Fest 2002, part of Sensoric Garden; Shamba festival, April 18, 2008, University of Bremen

Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, Jobst Prinzhorn. Experimente in be-greifbarem Sound. In: Saskia Kain, Doreen Struve, Hartmut Wandke (Eds.). Workshop-Proceedings der Tagung Mensch & Computer 2009, Berlin, September 6-9, 2009, Berlin, Logos, 2009, p. 155-8.

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