Urban Farming

'We plan on developing an automated system in which produce can be grown without using natural sunlight or the soil from the ground. We replace the sunlight by controlling the optimal amount of different light ranges with LEDs. Filtered rain water is fed to the roots by using an aeroponic system. This water is mixed with the right amount of naturally occurring nutrients and the PH balance is automatically adjusted to the correct levels. The roots are bind'ed to a re-enforced coconut husk mat that secures the nutrient mixed water and is biodegradable. These systems can be densely stacked inside a warehouse which are fully automated.' (Urban Farming project team, www.urbanfarming.co.nz (29/6/2011))
'Our ultimate goal [...] is to setup facilities worldwide by partnering with like minded companies that not only want to make money but reverse some of the damage caused by intensive farming. We believe green technologies like ours are paramount in not only feeding the world in the future but also living in harmony with nature.' (Urban Farming project team, www.urbanfarming.co.nz/about.html (29/6/2011))
'Our group has been formulated through personal interest and academic similarities. Each member offers a unique set of skills that have been directed to organized fields of research, concept and creation. Our skill sets include electrical engineering, 3D design, digital design, web development and much much more. [...] By working in a cohesive manner and having regular meetings to share ideas and discoveries, an efficient work flow has been created.' (Ibd.)

Urban Farming Urban Farming Urban Farming Urban Farming (photo: farmers)

Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath. Urban Farming, Studio Project, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, 2011, Semester 1.